HCA Athletic Handbook

HCA Athletic Handbook

Mission Statement

The mission of The Hooper Academy Athletic Department is to coordinate, supervise, and direct interscholastic athletics that enhance and protect the total educational process of all student athletes.  All athletic programs will be formulated to promote citizenship and the academic mission of the school which is to develop the education of the “whole” student. We firmly believe that a strong athletic program will help us to achieve this goal.

Program Goals and Objectives

We strongly encourage all students to take full advantage of all extra curricular athletic programs. We believe that by taking advantage of these opportunities that students will grow academically, physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and that the program will be challenging and rewarding.

However, being a member of an athletic team at Hooper Academy is a privilege, not a right, which carries many responsibilities to yourself, your parents, your school, and the community. All Hooper Academy athletes will be expected to conduct themselves in a way that is best representative of the school’s expectations at all times. All policies that apply to the regular school day also apply to interscholastic competition. Coaches and sponsors may establish policies for their groups in addition to those set in the Hooper Academy Student Handbook. 

  1. To become one of the most successful athletic programs in the Alabama Independent School Association.
  2. To strive for excellence, produce quality teams, and nurture sportsmanship and personal growth for the student athlete.
  3. All athletes shall provide a positive image of all school athletics at all times.
  4. To help all athletes grow in all phases of life; academically, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.
  5. To help prepare athletes for college by developing the necessary skills and characteristics such as: time management, teamwork, work ethic, accountability, etc.
  6. To provide an environment where students develop athletic and lifetime skills including but not limited to:
  1. Development of team play that encourages loyalty, cooperation, accountability, honesty, and commitment.
  2. Leadership that stresses discipline, self-motivation, trust, excellence, and good sportsmanship.
  3. Emphasizing programs for the entire student body, faculty, and community that promote a sense of unity.
  4. Develop an appreciation of athletics and training that allow the athlete an opportunity for a lifetime of physical activity and good health.
  5. Creating an environment that allows athletes to reach their full personal potential while also giving them an opportunity to reach and fulfill personal and team goals.
  6. Develop self-discipline, emotional maturity, proper social behavior, ability to work with others, and trust while learning to make quick, high-pressure decisions.


Code of Ethics for Administrators and Coaches

All Hooper Academy administrators and coaches will first and foremost show that they care about all athletes physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and academic well-being. It is important for all athletes to know and understand that their administrators and coaches care about them and their future. Hooper Academy administrators and coaches will adhere to the following core values: lead by example, take pride in and support all athletic programs of Hooper Academy, accept the responsibilities of the job, be accountable in action and attitude, adhere to all policies and procedures set forth by The Hooper Academy Athletic Manual, generate trust by being truthful and sincere. 

Coaches Responsibilities

In Season:

All in season coaches must adequately prepare their athletes for all practices and games, if any athlete needs special      training attention (taping, bracing, stretching, etc.) it is the responsibility of their coach to make sure they get it.     Make sure all necessary equipment is available.
•    Organize and designate transportation for all away games. 
•    Make sure all players are properly equipped and uniformed for every athletic event.
•    Schedule all practices, team meetings, and film sessions; and thoroughly communicate these schedules with the administration and parents.
•    Maintain contact with teachers and athletes to ensure that all athletes are performing at an acceptable level academically. We never want to lose an athlete to academic ineligibility.

Off Season:

Inventory all uniforms, practice jerseys, equipment, etc. and turn this inventory in to the athletic director.
•    Organize fundraisers for their sport. 
•    Continue to maintain contact with teachers and athletes concerning academic performance. Our athletes are students first and it is important that they know our coaches care about them not just athletically, but also academically.
•    Maintain all facilities as if they were in season so that our campus and facilities are in the best possible condition.
•    Provide parents and athletes a calendar or schedule of any off season workouts, meetings, deadlines, etc.


All coaches must properly maintain their facilities at all times.
•    Even if that sport is in the off season the facilities must be maintained so our school campus can be in the absolute best possible condition.
•    All facilities (gym, field house, locker rooms, storage rooms, etc.) must be properly locked and secured daily. No buildings are to be left unlocked overnight. 
•    Any team or coach using the weight room or any other facility must clean up when they are finished. EX. Any team using the weight room must return all weights to the weight trees, return all bars to the racks, and return all benches to the racks.
•    All of our facilities must be kept clean. Our facilities will only be as nice as we make and keep them.


Code of Ethics for Athletes

All Hooper Academy Athletes will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is best representative of Hooper Academy. All athletes will be disciplined and hard workers. It is the responsibility of the athlete to understand that academics will take highest priority. As an athlete at Hooper Academy you must, at all times, show respect for teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials. Athletes will refrain from use of profanity or other vulgar and offensive language or gestures. The use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, illegal and non-prescriptive drugs, anabolic steroids or any other drug used to increase physical development or performance that is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration will not be tolerated. Athletes of Hooper Academy will always be expected to adhere to the established rules and standards of the game being played, and respect all equipment and use it safely and appropriately. Hooper Academy athletes will always exhibit fair play, sportsmanship, and proper conduct on and off the field. All athletes of Hooper Academy must understand that you not only represent yourself, but also your parents, teammates, coaches, administration, school, and community; and you will be expected to do so in a proper way. 

Athletes Responsibilities



  • All student athletes at Hooper Academy will be required to meet the eligibility standards set forth in the Hooper Academy Student Handbook in order to participate in athletics. The following is the policy as stated in the Hooper Academy Student Handbook: any student receiving an F on his/her report card will be placed on a two week probation period and will not be allowed to participate in any games/performances for that two week period. Any student receiving more than one F on his/her report card will be suspended from extracurricular activities (including sports) and will not be allowed to practice or compete for the two week period. At the conclusion of the two week period he/she will be cleared from probation/suspension if no F appears on  their grade report. Grades will only be checked for clearance on the second Friday afternoon of their probation/suspension period.


  • As set forth by the AISA, all student athletes must be present at school on the day of a contest by 11:00 a.m. Any student arriving after 11:00 a.m. on the day of a contest will be ineligible for the contest that day, unless arrangements are made in advance with the athletic director or headmaster.
  • All student athletes are required to be at school on time on the day following a contest. Repeated tardiness or absences by any athlete on the day following a contest will result in the athlete being punished and possibly suspended. No athlete should be tardy or absent the day after a game without consent by the athletic director or headmaster.



  • In order for any athlete at Hooper Academy to be eligible for tryouts, workouts, or athletic practice or competition, they must first be a registered student of Hooper Academy and have a current and updated physical on file.


Dress Code

  • All athletes must abide by the school dress code at all times, unless authorized by the athletic director or headmaster. Hooper Academy student athletes not only represent themselves, but our school, students, administration, teachers, and community and are expected to always be dressed and carry themselves in a respectable manner.


Administrative Policy


  • The program head coach with the assistance of the coaching staff shall present the athletic director and headmaster a  written evaluation process.
  • This will aid in the justification process when limiting the number of participants during tryouts. The evaluation process and requirements need to be discussed with all athletes.
  • During the tryout period, athletes should be given equal attention with progress of skill, ability, and attitude documented. This information is valuable when either student or parent expresses concern.


  • All scheduling will be done by the athletic director and the head coach from each sport.


Attendance at Team Practices

  • A student must practice with a team in order to represent that team in competition. Athletes must be at all practices, meetings, workouts, film sessions, etc unless excused by their coach.

After Practice and Games

  • Athletes are not allowed to linger about the school after practice sessions, games or return from away games. Coaches need to make sure all athletes are gone before they leave campus.


  • Supervision of all athletics by the assigned coach or coaches is necessary in order to reduce the risk of injury and insure the proper handling of any situations that may arise.
  • All athletic events, practices, meetings, film sessions, workouts, conditioning, etc. must be supervised by a coach of Hooper Academy.
  • The following guidelines should be observed:
  1. Proper supervision of any game, practice, meeting, workout, etc. requires the physical presence of an authorized adult during all times of the activity.
  2. Emergency situations (EX. Injury, dehydration, etc.) require the suspension of the activity until proper supervision can return. Primary attention must be given to the emergency.

Travel Policy

  • All athletes will be required to use Hooper Academy provided transportation.
  • If no Hooper Academy transportation is provided then athletes will be allowed to ride to games with an adult only.
  •  In order for athletes to ride home with parents a written note signed by the parent must be presented to the head coach of that sport.

Two-Sport Participation

  • Athletes can participate in multiple sports.
  • If the two sports are during the same athletic season, the coaches for each sport must agree.
  • An athlete cannot quit one sport in order to practice with another sport. If an athlete quits a sport he/she must wait until that sport is completed before practicing or beginning another sport, unless the coach of the sport that was quit submits a written note to the athletic director.

Days with No School

  • In a case where it has been determined by the administration that it is not safe for students to come to school, athletic practices or meetings will not be allowed unless it is cleared with the athletic director or headmaster.

Junior High Athletes Participating in Varsity Athletics


  • Junior High athletes will be allowed to play on varsity teams with the head coach first getting approval from the athletic director and headmaster. If a junior high athlete is allowed to play on a varsity team, then he/she will be considered a member of that team and is allowed to play wherever and whenever the head coach sees fit.

Strength and Conditioning

  • In school – In Season
  1. All in season workout programs will be designed and lead by the head coach of each sport. It is the responsibility of the head coach to make sure he/she is conditioning and training their athletes at the correct level/intensity so they will be able to compete on game day. All athletes will be required to participate in the in-season workout program for their sport. In-season workouts should be treated just like practices as far as rules go for player participation.
  • In school – Off Season
  1. All in school – off season workout programs will be designed and lead by the head coach of each sport, with the help of any assistant coaches that the head coach deems necessary. Understanding that The Hooper Academy Athletic Department is trying to build consistent championship caliber athletic programs, it is mandatory for athletes to participate in off season workout programs. 
  2. Any athlete participating in another sport while one sport is in off-season workouts will at minimum be required to participate in the in-season sport’s workouts. If the athlete and both coaches agree then the athlete is allowed to participate in the off-season sport’s workouts as well.
  • Summer Workouts
  1. All varsity athletes (boys and girls, 9-12 grades) will be required to participate in a summer workout program. These workouts must be led by a member of The Hooper Academy Athletic Staff. Prior to school ending each athlete will receive a summer workout schedule with the total number of workout opportunities on the schedule. All varsity girl athletes must complete a total of 18 workouts during the summer, and all varsity boy athletes must complete a total of 24 workouts during the summer. Any athlete not completing the summer workout program will not be allowed to participate in varsity athletics at Hooper Academy, unless there are extenuating circumstances approved by the athletic director and/or headmaster. If such circumstances arise, the athlete will not be able to participate in any athletic competition until he/she has made up all missed workouts.
  2. Individual summer skill development camps, summer team camps, summer play dates, etc. will count as workouts as long as they are approved in advance by the head coach of that sport and the athletic director. Each day at a camp or play date will count as one summer workout.
  3. Summer transfer students will not be required to make the set number of summer workouts, they will however be required to begin attending summer workouts as soon as they are registered and have a current and updated physical on file.  The number of workouts that must be completed by each transfer student will be determined by their head coach and the athletic director.  
  4. Junior High athletes that will be on a Varsity Team will be required to participate in summer workouts.



Hooper Academy will not tolerate and/or condone demonstrations of poor professionalism or sportsmanship at any extracurricular activity.  

Parents/patrons will not approach coaches, school officials, or athletic officials before, during, or after any competition in a manner that could be deemed inappropriate.  If a meeting is needed, it may be scheduled through the athletic department for a later date and time.

Any person guilty of unsportsmanlike involvement with players, coaches, athletic officials, school officials and/or other fans before, during, or after any Hooper Academy event may be fined $500.00 by The Academy and will be denied admittance to athletic events for an indeterminate amount of time.



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