Athletic Hall of Honor

Athletic Hall of Honor

Hooper Academy's Athletic Hall of Honor Award recognizes the accomplishments of individuals who achieved outstanding performance in the school's athletic programs. The award also serves to build support for the athletic program by recognizing outstanding athletes from the past.   

Those individuals selected to receive this honor:

  • Must have participated in at least one (1) varsity sport at Hooper for at least two (2) full seasons
  • Must have earned an official Hooper diploma prior to being nominated
  • Must have exhibited a high degree of sportsmanship while participating
  • Must have continued to exemplify the values encouraged by Hooper Academy


Final selection will be made by a committee made up of the Athletic Director, Athletic Committee Chairman, Booster Club President, and Board of Trustees President.

While it is not a specific criterion for selection, the Selection Committee would encourage the nomination of individuals who have remained active and supportive of the WMEF and Hooper’s sports programs after graduation from school. 

Please submit all nominations to the school office by September 13, 2023. Any nominations after this deadline will be considered for next year's award.

Past Recipients

Chris Bodine, 1974

Frank (Peanut) Allen, 1975

Steve Steele, 1975

Sheri Messick, 1977

Tim Wilsford, 1978

Glen Casey, 1980

Darrell Johnson, 1981

Kristie Mellert, 1982

Randy Rodgers, 1982

Brad Christopher, 1986

Amy C. Hall, 1987

Scho Sellers, 1988

Wendy Cork, 1995

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