Our goal at Hooper Academy is to provide our students with a quality education in a safe and structured Christian environment that promotes service, discipline and accountability. We strive to produce graduates who are ready to enter to all walks of life prepared and equipped to be successful.

We believe in individualized instruction and have a 14:1 student teacher ratio.

We teach the ABEKA Curriculum in K3 – sixth grade. Elementary students are given the Stanford Achievement Test in grades 2 - 8. ACT Aspire is given in grades 9 and 10. We administer the Practice ACT in the tenth grade, and the PSAT in the eleventh grade.

We encourage our students to take the ACT beginning in the Fall of their Sophomore year.

We offer two diploma tracks: Advanced and Standard.

If you have any questions regarding our curriculum, please contact our school office at (334) 288-5980.


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