Upper School

Upper School

Hooper Academy’s College Prep curriculum is designed to prepare students for success in college and in life beyond.  A strong core curriculum of English, mathematics, history, science, and Spanish are supplemented with a wide variety of electives.

With College Prep, Honors, and Dual Enrollment courses, Hooper Academy offers a rigorous curriculum that serves the needs of their students at every level of achievement.  Hooper’s community service requirement for graduation also teaches the importance of giving back to the community.

Graduation Requirements

English                          4 Units

Social Studies                4 Units

Mathematics                  4 Units

Science                         4 Units

Spanish                          2 Units

Computer Science           ½ Unit

Physical Education           1 Unit

Health                             ½ Unit

Fine Arts                         ½ Unit

Electives                         6 units



Street/Criminal Law

Performing Arts



ACT Prep

Creative Writing



Dual Enrollment

Sports Management

Vocational Agriculture


Community Service Requirement:

A student who attends 4 years of high school at Hooper Academy must submit 75 approved community service hours prior to graduation. Those hours must be not for-pay work done for a recognized community agency, church, or organization. The time period in which the work was done, along with a brief description, must be documented on a Community Service form or letterhead from the organization served. A signature and contact information from the work supervisor is also required.  Hours from the summer before 9th grade until April 30 of a student's senior year may be counted toward the 75 hour total.

Students who attend Hooper for less than the 4 years will have the total number of hours prorated: 3 years=56 hours, 2 years=38 hours, 1 year=19 hours.

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