Why Hooper

Why Hooper

Why should you choose Hooper Academy?

Our K5-12 program, coupled with our Early Learning Center, enables families to access a continuous program of nurturing and positive educational experiences on a single school campus. 

While many schools offer a variety of academic programs, we consider all aspects of your child's development. This delicate balance is achieved only when considering a holistic view of education. At Hooper Academy, we understand this concept and strive to achieve that delicate balance every day. It is contained in our mission statement:

"To provide a balanced curriculum which allows each student the opportunity to achieve full potential and maximize mental, physical, social and emotional growth."

Fully accredited with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Alabama Independent School Association (AISA), Hooper Academy maintains a high standard of academic excellence.

Our small classroom sizes ensure a low student-to-teacher ratio as we value individual development. Consider entrusting the development of your child with Hooper Academy, and let the quality educational experience begin.

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