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Hooper Academy is a community school where students are to be challenged with Christian principles that promote the development of the total person.  Substance abuse interferes with that development by its physical and emotional effect on the individual and its possible effect on those around that individual.  We strive to promote and maintain a learning atmosphere that is drug free at every level.  It is our desire to cultivate leadership from Hooper Academy students and staff in the community as well as on campus.  The primary focus is on prevention as an aid in early intervention should the presence of drugs be detected.

Students, faculty, staff, and Board members must participate in this drug program if they are to be admitted, hired, or remain at Hooper Academy.

The Hooper Academy Board of Trustees has approved this drug testing policy and will announce its drug policy 90 days in advance of the implementation of the program.  This will allow individuals that are currently using illicit drugs an opportunity to cease the behavior and will help deter others from engaging in drug use.  The new random plus testing policy will begin August 1, 2013, and will continue each year thereafter.

Any student who before being notified that he or she is to be tested, by his or her own free will, admits to the Hooper Academy Headmaster that he or she has used drugs and thinks he or she will test positive, will be required to attend an assessment interview and abide by the suggestions of the counselor or agency.  This will not count as a first time failure under this policy.


    A.    Student Drug Testing

The program advocates randomly testing students in grades 7-12 beginning August 1, 2013.  The testing schedule will be as follows:

i.  Random:  Students will be randomly selected (using a random number generator) throughout the school year to achieve a minimum goal of 20% of the student body in grades 7-12 by the end of the school year.  The selection of these students will be handled as discretely as possible.

ii.    Follow-up Testing/Probable Cause:  Any student testing positive and whose results are not contested will be tested at 90-120 day intervals within the current school year at the parentsí expense as long as the student remains at Hooper Academy.  This may be in addition to those required by outside counseling agencies to which the individual is referred.  The Headmaster reserves the right to have any student, faculty, or staff member initially tested at any time during the school year.  In addition, the Headmaster reserves the right to conduct a second mandatory test of students (grades 7-12), faculty, and staff at any time during the school year.

    B.    Employee/Board Member Testing

i.    The program advocates universal drug testing of all faculty, staff, and Board members.  The drug testing of employee/Board members is a part of the overall commitment to create and maintain a drug-free school.  All employees and Board members are subject to be tested at the beginning of the school year and randomly selected throughout the school year to achieve a minimum goal of 20% by the end of the school year.  Employees who test positive will be released from their contracts from Hooper Academy.  Board members who test positive will be asked to resign from the Board of Trustees immediately.  The selection of these individuals will be handled as discretely as possible.

ii.    In order to comply with this policy, all new hires will be subject to a mandatory drug test.


A licensed clinical laboratory will perform a 10 panel screening of all participants selected.  All samples collected will follow procedures provided by the licensed laboratory selected by Hooper Academy.  Testing will be done as discretely as possible.

If a person cannot provide a urine sample sufficient for testing within two hours from the time of request then a hair sample will be collected for testing. A refusal to submit either a urine or hair sample constitutes a positive test result, and disciplinary action will follow in accordance with this policy. The Headmaster will require hair testing for any individual who is believed to have a compromised urine sample or result.


If a person testing positive wishes to contest the result, he/she may do so in writing to the Headmaster within ten (10) days of notification.  Anyone who wishes to contest a positive test result may do so at their own expense using a hair test.  If the hair test shows a negative result, , the urine test will be destroyed and will not count as a failure under this policy.  However, if the contesting of a positive result occurs in a second positive result, the person will be permanently dismissed from school.


    A.    A unique individually coded number will identify all collections and results.  No names will be recorded on the collection bag or on the test results.

    B.    A licensed agency will confidentially provide test results of students and/or faculty to the Headmaster.  The school will inform the parent/guardian within fifteen (15) days of the testing.  All test results of the students will remain strictly confidential between the student, parent/guardian, Hooper Academy Headmaster, and the confidential counseling program.

    C.    All tests of employees/Board members will remain strictly confidential between the individual, the Hooper Academy Headmaster, and the confidential counseling program.

    D.    No test results of students will be disclosed to any person or agency beyond the persons identified above in paragraph B without signed written consent from the parents/guardian.  Release of test results of students will be requested by the Headmaster for purposes of referral for professional evaluation and possible treatment recommendations.

    E.    No test results of employees/Board members will be disclosed to any person other than the person tested and the Hooper Academy Headmaster.


    A.    School personnel will not initiate criminal charges or other legal action against the student, Board member, or employee based solely on a positive drug test.  (This provision should not be confused with possession of or being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol on campus or at a school sponsored event.  Violation of these provisions of the policies will continue to be dealt with as very serious offenses which may involve expulsion and/or legal action).

    B.    The Hooper Academy Headmaster will refer the positive testing student and parents/guardian for a substance abuse evaluation through a licensed counselor or community agency acceptable to Hooper Academy.  This counselor or agency will provide recommendations to the family on the type of additional services that are required for successful completion of the program.  The student and parents/guardian must seek this evaluation and follow all recommendations.  All costs for this evaluation and treatment will be the responsibility of the parents/guardian.  If a student or parent/guardian refuses to follow the conditions of this policy, the student will be dismissed from Hooper Academy at that time.  A student who tested positive one time and is in a counseling program approved by Hooper Academy will continue all school activities unless otherwise directed by the Headmaster of Hooper Academy, the parents/guardian, and/or the substance abuse counselor.

    C.    Students who test positive more than one time during their enrollment at Hooper Academy will be permanently dismissed from school.  Employees who test positive will be terminated as an employee of Hooper Academy.  Students and employees will be allowed to verify medications they are taking which have been prescribed to them and which explain test results.  Hooper Academy will consult with a medical review officer for verification of medical issues.  The Hooper Academy Headmaster and Board committee will choose this medical review officer.

    D.    A counselor or community agency may provide assessments and referrals for further assistance and treatment to any student who tests positive.  Referrals will be made with consideration for the economic resources of the family.  Parents may choose to seek independent resources to provide an assessment of their childís history and current involvement in alcohol or other drug use.  Hooper Academy must approve the program and progress reports must be submitted to the school on a regular basis in order to determine that the student is making positive progress in an assistance program.

    E.    All fees, dues, and tuition applicable under the studentís contract are due and enforceable when a student is dismissed from his/her enrollment at Hooper Academy due to violations of this policy.  Any and all fees/dues paid by the student prior to dismissal are nonrefundable.


Any student in grade 7-12 who transfers to Hooper Academy after the beginning of the school year will be admitted on a probationary basis.  The student will be drug tested within the first 60 days of classes.  If the test results are positive for any illegal drug as described under the school drug policy, the student will be immediately dismissed from Hooper Academy.  All registration fees/dues paid are nonrefundable.

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