Admission Process

Hooper Academy


Hooper Academy Admission Requirements

  1. Prospective family must make application to join the Foundation. Application forms must be accompanied by membership and registration fees.
  2. Parents/guardians and children must attend a conference with the Headmaster to discuss the studentís academic and behavior record. Children moving from the Day Care Center to Kindergarten can schedule this conference during summer months prior to the next school year. A student may be allowed to enter classes at the Headmasterís discretion prior to board approval, but a family is not officially accepted as members of the foundation until all requirements have been met.
  3. Membership and student application forms will be submitted to the Membership and Tuition Committee which may contact references of applicants and upon approval, submit the applicants to the Board of Trustees for final approval.
  4. Membership is voted on for approval/rejection by the Board of Trustees at the next scheduled board meeting and the applicant will be notified in writing of the decision.