Board of Trustees

Board Member Interest Form

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Hooper Academy's Board of Trustees operates within a committee system consisting of the following committees: Executive; Finance; Membership and Tuition; Policy; Education; Athletics; Publicity; Alumni; Building and Grounds; and Transportation. The Board of Trustees views its primary function as: the establishment of philosophy, broad goals, and overall policies of the school; the employment and evaluation of the Headmaster of Hooper Academy to operate the school within those overall policies; and the preservation and enhancement of the assets of the school, including land, buildings, endowments, and income. Upon establishment of policy, the Board of Trustees chooses not to become involved in the daily or administrative operation of the school; therefore, it directs all inquiries of this nature to the Headmaster and the staff.

Board of Trustees



Rob Stuart

Vice President

Jason Langley


Rhonda Sikes


Lisa Hill

Mike Henry

Joe Hatcher

Carey Wynn

Willie Lyndall

Alatia Midkiff

Jennifer Conway

Dusty Baker

Ashley Mastin

Board of Trustees Responsibilities:

  • Provides overall direction and sets goals for Hooper Academy.
  • Hires the Headmaster to operate Hooper Academy.
  • Meets monthly to review activities, financial reports, committee reports, and to establish policy.
  • Seeks to raise funds for school needs.
  • Has an independent audit performed as required by policy.Approves all major fund raising projects.
  • Bylaws state there will be a maximum of 18 trustees.
  • Refers questions or concerns to faculty or Headmaster.
  • Executive Committee or Board only meets with individuals on the most exceptional of cases.
  • Actively support and promote Hooper Academy’s Mission.
  • Responsible for the financial well-being of Hooper Academy, including capital assets, operating budgets, fund raising, and endowment funds.